Digital wolves in warm, fuzzy sheep’s clothing (originally published July 2009)


I know a lot of the Darkjive faithful are also among the analog faithful (some, if only in spirit). The clicks and pops old records afford make our hearts skip a beat (even recreated on digitized copies). Well, get ready for a digital wolf in warm, somewhat fuzzy sheep’s clothing: Their tagline even heralds “Digital meets analog” (very, very literally).

Very clever, I say. Using old vinyl, labels and all (and old cassette tapes for iPod nanos) their collision of chips and skips is definitely a statement maker. As a 45 collector, I hope they use records that are unplayable (no reason for the babies to suffer).

And speaking of a new birth of wax, both iTunes and Amazon are selling digital 45s!

Apple’s iTunes Music Store is taking digital music back into the groove, offering two-song packages known as “Digital 45s“: which feature an A-side and a B-side. For $1.50-$2.00, you can purchase a single along with a lesser-known track you might not already have (that can be difficult to find elsewhere on iTunes). Great ideas never really die. They just get remixed.

Jive on…

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