Passed away to the B-Side: why cremate when you can BE the groove eternal?


The British company And Vinyly, who rewrote the well known RIP (Rest in Peace) to RIV — Rest in Vinyl. Specifically: the ashes of the deceased are processed into a working vinyl record. The simplest version costs $3,100, but that will get you 30 vinyl copies (enough for friends and relatives) onto which music or a recorded message can be pressed. One particularly spooky option: opt against a song or message and leave only the eerie crackling of ash to be heard on the blank disc.

Of course, it can all get much more extravagant. For $786, you can get a custom tune composed; and for a bit more cash, you can circulate your records in shops around the world….

Personally, the idea of being distributed into record stores around the world is kind of enticing. Records are natural testaments of the dreams of their creators, why not make them literal testaments of the creators themselves?