Is Buying Records online Ironic?

“But ponder the process: You (we) go into the digital ether — probably after downloading a track or streaming a video of what we’re about to buy — and order some other person to mail us a piece of 1890s technology. In return, we give them digital payment information which they then use — working in that same newfangled ether — to make our digitally stored money numbers get smaller and theirs larger. All this high-tech action for an old-school piece of plastic.

Then there’s the phonograph technology itself, which is of course the epitome of analog: A needle runs along a groove cut into a piece of vinyl, then sends out a signal based on its tiny movements. Yet somehow this technology — which is older than airplanes, television, transistor radios, the modern map of Europe, women’s suffrage, and lots of other things we take for granted — is still the preferred way of listening to music for a lot of people. The Internet hasn’t changed shit — it just gets the records to our doorstep faster, and lets us buy ones the local shops don’t have.”

—from Ian S. Port, SF Weekly