“Vinyl Gets its Groove Back” from chicagonow.com

In a world where advancing technology is the indication of progress in the arts – books and magazines are being replaced by e-readers and iPads and telephones that aren’t “smart” have become historical artifacts – where does nostalgia fit in?  Apparently, it’s found a nice home in the music industry, where record sales– of actual vinyl LPs and EPs— have been experiencing a renaissance.

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Turntable goes minimalist (originally published February 2010)

The little guy pictured above is a Linos Portable USB vinyl record player (never would have guessed it). How does it work, you ask?

Hook the wire into your computer. The bar has two parts. Take out the bottom base, place the long play album or single on top, and then sandwich it with the overarching top. To start playing, move the player arm into position. Bananas, right? Pop it in your pocket and you’re good to go (so long as you have a computer or something that accepts a USB cord handy).

Probably not the best option for that $200 impossibly rare mint copy, but cool beans for that $1.99 joint. Definitely a fun choice for a beginning collector.

thanks to Gizmodo for the info.

Robin Cooksley’s 21st Century Console

Custom built by a North Carolina-based woodworker, this retro record player cabinet, houses all your audio components and even has integrated speakers. The unit is made from walnut and baltic birch plywood. The doors have a wave effect carved into them echoing the sound waves from the speakers. The unit incorporates some traditional joinery such as dovetail joints. The cabinet can be fully customized to your exact needs, in regards to the size of your components, choice of wood species, whether to incorporate the speakers or more storage space, Ipod docs etc. Contact robincooksley@hotmail.com for a quote and shipping information.